Even rockstars need a helping hand every now and then

So many amazing people start a home based business thinking it will be super easy to run it and create a lifestyle. Sadly, it’s not always the case. Running a business is seriously hard work.

But once you’ve learnt this magical word, you’ll get your sanity back – OUTSOURCING.

It’s totally magic! Out of your inbox flies a muddled mess of instructions, and in return flies a well-organised completed task. Bam! See – it’s magic.

My magical Virtual MARKETING Assistant services include:

  • Uncluttering your inbox by sorting/answering needed emails and deleting all those spammy emails you hate

  • Getting you more Google love by updating your website and blog content

  • Making you look amazing with branded proposals and presentations

  • Discovering your client's pain points for content, blog ideas, presentations and competitor research

  • Helping you see the world by booking all travel details (cars, flights, accommodation etc.)

  • Getting bums on seats at your events with preparation, promotions, rsvp and sponsor management, venue hire, catering, speaker liaison etc.

If you’ve never worked with a Virtual MARKETING Assistant before, you’ll love this part:

You’re going to reduce your stress levels big time. You’ll even find you’ve got time to chill in the evenings without thinking about work.

And better yet, you’ll only pay for the time I’m working. No paying employment costs (for a PA who has bad days and does nothing, annual leave, sick leave, taxes, superannuation). No providing office space (who seriously wants someone sitting in their home office with them). No providing equipment (one home office is expensive enough to set up) – you get the point. 

You’ve begged for more hours in a day – here they are

Unless you’re in the running for some wildly amazing award like ‘super coach of the year’, stop trying to do everything yourself.

I'll help you with all those  time zapping icky business tasks that you have to do. 

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Ready to outsource your business icky bits?

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