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Harness the power of social media to reach your exact target market

One thing that’s a given in today’s online business world is that social media is the new word of mouth. When customers like what they see, they share your post with their networks.

You’re out there on display for the entire world to see. And if you’re not, you’ll be left behind.

Our social media packages are perfect to create fresh and relevant social media content for busy women in business or solopreneurs who can’t give 100% to get good results.

As a social media marketer, there’s nothing I love more than getting to know your brand.

"I was struggling to gain any traction from my Social Media. It had no plan, no real thought and I didn’t give it love. My audience didn’t love it either. I engaged Sam to manage my Facebook posts and she’s kicking goals. I LOVE what she’s done for my brand and my business".
Mon Eddy, Copywriter, A Virtual Copywriting Monstar.

Social Media Packages:

starting to be social Social Standards Social Butterfly
Monthly Payments $197 $327 $457
Posts per week 3 5 7
Customised branded content / Posts prepared for your approval
Creation and schedule of posts for week
Choose your platform:
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest / LinkedIn

Best Features

  • You’ll get social without the pre-show fluff

  • You can choose how social you want to be

  • Each post is well-designed and will get attention

  • Your posts are scheduled so once approved; you have nothing to do

  • Your brand personality will shine through

Get the monkey off your back with a MailChimp package

MailChimp is one of the most widely used email marketing platforms. It’s our favourite platform to use, and many of our clients agree. We love MailChimp for email newsletters, along with general emails or sales emails, that you need to send out.

Well-designed emails that fit your brand will stand out in a busy person’s inbox. And emails are fast becoming one of the best forms of marketing. You want your email to be opened if you want to boost sales.

Our email templates are easy to use from one campaign to the next, or we can customise them to suit each campaign you send. The choice is yours.

Newsletter Email Setup (MailChimp)

You provide the content and images; we'll create a newsletter in your template:


Social links


We’ll send you a test for approval before sending it to your database.

After a week, we’ll let you know the success of your email regarding open rates, bounces, etc.

$100 per newsletter

Email Template Setup (MailChimp)

You provide the images and logos; we’ll create an email template:

Design and fonts


Social links

We’ll send you a test for approval.

We also design and test a sign-up form for your website, along with a Facebook tab and sign up form.

Upon subscribing, your fans will receive a confirmation welcome message that I set up for you.

And finally, if you need subscribers imported to your list, we’ll assist you with this too.

$150 per email template

Best Features

  • Template response testing means we can adapt them until we hit one that fully resonates with your audience

  • Templates are easy to use if you want to run campaigns yourself

  • You don’t have to waste hours messing around with HTML coding

  • Email open rates sky rocket with well-designed emails

  • We can also help you with Active Campaign and Campaign Monitor

Curing content management issues

Every small business owner knows that once you’ve written your content, that’s only the start. You then need to proof it, to upload it, to tweak it, to format it and finally, to share it.

It can seem like a never-ending task.

To help keep you on track and pumping out content, we offer our clients a content management package.

Here’s what you get for a flat $375 per month:


You write your blogs, and I’ll upload them to your website and:


Add links

Source royalty free images to go with your blog

Post it to your social media platforms

2 per month


You write your newsletter, and I’ll create your template, upload and:


Add links

Format and test

Send to your subscribers

1 per month

Social Media Posts

You choose which platform you’d like to target and I’ll:

Create 3 posts and send to you for approval

Schedule them to be posted (3 times a week)

3 posts per week

Best Features

  • You write and forget about the admin side

  • You reach your audience in 3 ways – blogs, email newsletters and social media

  • You don’t worry about the digital side of content creation

  • You keep your brand in constantly in front of your audience

If you need further assistance, I can provide ad-hoc services from $50 per hour.

Ready to snap up a package to build your brand?

In an online world, amazing content still rules, marketing is key and businesses grow their reputations.

Sam Says creates brand consistency, finds your voice and builds your audience across Social Media platforms.

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