Create it, share it and watch your leads grow

Content marketing is a tough gig for solo business owners. There’s so much involved. You’ve got to:

  • Research your topic – is it what your fans want, is it interesting

  • Write your content – making it engaging

  • Source videos or images – for people who like more than words

  • Create social media snippets – different for each platform

  • Re-purpose your content – newsletters and social posts

  • And of course – upload it all

It’s just another thing you’ve got to juggle in your ‘for the love of business’ time. But ignore all this, and you’ll miss out on the huge marketing benefits of producing content. 


  • Setting up/customising your Social Media profiles, creating content and posting

  • Giving you guidance on how to keep your brand consistent across all platforms

  • Being your voice – interacting with your followers

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Even my mum’s on Facebook. You don’t exist if you’re not here



The uber professional network to connect directly with other business owners



If your product is visual, you have to use Insta – best visual platform available



Amazing platform if you have loads of products to sell and want sales 



Share your opinions and articles, be favoured and reach an audience of millions


Google Plus

If you can get past being added to random circles, it’s great for SEO


create content your  audience wants to read

Blogs are the best way to keep relevant copy on your website, helping you with your SEO efforts.

Stay in front of your audience with email marketing

Putting all your efforts into Social Media without capturing leads and following up with email marketing is a big fat waste of your time and money. It’ll be like training for a marathon for months and when race day arrives, sitting on your couch eating a bag of chips. What a waste! 

So let’s make sure we:

  • Set up/design, or totally polish your newsletter

  • Reuse ideas from your blog posts, or source information your clients are wanting

  • Manage your lists to ensure they are receiving what they signed up for

Let’s get you social in the online world

In an online world amazing content still rules, marketing is key and businesses grow their reputations.

Sam Says creates brand consistency, finds your voice and builds your audience across Social Media platforms. I’ve helped loads of awesome coaches build loyal followings of raving fans (who open their purses). 

Will you be my next social success story?

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