Top 10 Productivity Hacks for Social Media Management

Social media is fun for the users, but for those running a business, social media is a job in its own right. It’s time-consuming, and if you don’t manage your time effectively, you won’t be able to do anything else but check your social media accounts. Don’t forget that social media is addictive too! It’s hard not to cast a glance or two - every minute or two. 

That’s why you need to be organised and productive. Here are 10 productivity hacks that can transform your day:

1. Set aside time each day for social media

The thing about productivity is that you first have to learn how to be productive with your time.  As with every other job, managing your time well is of the essence, and social media is no exception. If you allow it, social media will eat into your day, and you won’t even notice it. That’s why you need to allocate a certain amount of time each day to deal with social media comments, posting, enquires and similar. 

2. Plan topics you want to cover in advance

Planning ahead is the key to social media success because consistency is important when it comes to keeping your fans and followers engaged. Whenever you think of something that may be a good content idea, take a note and go back to it when the time comes. It’s useful to write down content ideas in advance because you may not remember them afterwards.

3. Come up with a list of resources

Inspiration for content is probably one of the most important elements of successful social media management. You need good resources, yet it’s difficult to always search for new sources from scratch. You simply don’t know where to begin. For that reason, you should always have a list of potential resources on hand so as not to waste any time.  

4. Re-use come content ideas

You do not have to be 100% original and revolutionary every time you post something. And even if you wanted to, it would be pretty hard. That’s why you can re-use some of the post ideas that went well. Chances are if they liked it back then, they might do so again.


5. You don’t have to be present on every social media platform

Every social media platform requires a special approach which means even more time spent on social media. Content that goes well on Facebook may not perform so well on LinkedIn, for example. Not all social media networks are even relevant for your business. I recommend to my clients to choose one platform that their target audience is on and to do that really well. 

6. Create a social media calendar

Creating weekly or monthly social media calendar can be a life-saver. You don’t have to think about what to post every day, and you can even schedule everything in advance so that you are literally free from social media all day, except for maybe checking once a day to respond to comments. 

7. Create monthly social media reports

Monthly reports may sound like an unnecessary hassle, but they are well worth the effort in the long run. It’s crucial to measure your success so that you can know what to change in the future. Are you efforts fruitful? What’s the engagement and reach like? There’s no point in spending time on managing your social media account if you can’t see any results. 

8. Research the competition

When you run out of ideas, you can always see what the competition is doing. After all, competition research is an important element of your marketing efforts. Don’t be scared to take a peek at what the competition is doing. You don’t have to copy anyone, you just need inspiration sometimes. 

9. Dedicate one entire day per month just for social media

While it is important to stay in touch with your followers on a daily basis so that they know you are there for them, you may need one entire day per month to deal with all the technical parts. For example, you can allocate this time for report analysis, or for social media campaign development, promotional strategies, etc. 

10. Hire someone to do it for you

Perhaps the easiest and the most logical solution to all of your problems is to simply have someone who can do that for you, professionally. After all, as we already mentioned - social media management is a job in its own right. It takes time if you want to do it right, and you usually can’t manage all the tasks perfectly unless you’re a social media manager yourself or simply enjoy working all day long.