No one warned you of the business ‘love time’ did they?

Here’s how to outsource tasks to save your sanity

I’m pretty sure it’s a chick thing. We like to feel like we’re in control. We can do it all. We’re strong women who are expected to just ‘get it done’.

So, when we start out in business, it’s natural that we do it all.

The planning, the set-up, the marketing, the social media, the customer service, the accounts – everything. And at the start, it’s all still super exciting, so the occasional missed kid’s sports session is overlooked and forgiven as ‘mum is busy building her business’.

But when do you draw the line and admit you’d actually LOVE some help?

How many excuses have you given your kids as to why you’re too busy? How many nights chilling on the couch have you missed? How many weekends have you ‘had to check emails’? How many times have you told your partner, ‘I’ve just got to do this then I’m all yours’?

And we’ve all done it. We’ve all been slaves to our business at some point.

But happy business owners have a secret – they’ve learnt the value of a Virtual Assistant.

So, what is a Virtual Assistant?

If you’re running an online business, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the term Virtual Assistant? People often have the idea of ‘cheap labour’ when they hear the term.

But Virtual Assistants (VAs) are so much more than that. In fact, you may even be considered one! In a nutshell, VAs are business owners who work remotely (virtually) and provide their clients with a service.

Many VAs are niched in their service offering which can include things like social media, content marketing, copywriting, web design, bookkeeping, reception and so on.

And it’s an industry that is rapidly growing, with many new mums opting to try their hand at running a VA business rather than returning to the constraints of the ‘corporate world’. In fact, many VAs on the networks I belong to are just that – mum’s running a viable business from home around kids of all ages (yes, older ones need time too!).

Curious about what you can outsource to a VA?

With VAs having multiple skill sets, there’s not much that you CAN’T outsource these days. Some VAs even run teams so even if they don’t provide a service you’re looking for, they have someone on their team who can.

Imagine how amazing people will think you are when you refer to your ‘team’ of assistants!

There’s nothing like looking super successful when you’ve got your own PA, receptionists, a bookkeeper, a content manager, a copywriter, sales or a customer service assistant, and so on.

So, here is a small sample of what a VA can do for your business:

  • All those must-do general admin tasks

  • Email management (set up Mailchimp emails, answer your emails, field queries)

  • Phone answering (reception services or forwarding your phone when you don’t want to be disturbed – like at kids sporting events)

  • Proposal or quote creation to wow customers

  • Copywriting and content creation

  • Graphic design, website creation and maintenance

  • Newsletter creation and sending

  • Database management to keep customer records up to date

And much, much more…

Letting go of a little control isn’t that hard – trust me

I know the thought of paying someone to do what you can do is a little daunting. But think about it this way. How long does a task take you when you hate it? Do you put it off? Do you stuff it up? Do you give it the love it needs?

Take your bookkeeping for example – you DON’T want to stuff this up. Paying a bookkeeper to do it properly can save you hours of headaches and ‘love time’ of doing it yourself. Think about how long it takes you (a novice) and multiply this by your hourly rate, and then consider how much a bookkeeper (a pro who does it faster) will charge. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

In my own business, I outsource many items now. I was scared at first that it would cost me money. But honestly, the time I save is now spent on making more money as I can focus on my clients rather than the fiddly parts I didn’t love.

You’ve got to try it.

As previously published on the Soar Collective