How and What to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant

Are you getting overloaded with work every day? Do you struggle to keep up with all the tasks? You’re not the only one. That’s a typical day for a business owner. But every business owner who has a perspective knows when it’s time to outsource some of their work to a virtual assistant. 

Being a successful business owner isn’t just about working hard, it’s also about knowing when to let someone else work for you while you reap the benefits. If you’re thinking about hiring a virtual assistant you’re well on your way towards growing your business.

Here are some of the tasks that you can outsource to your VA that will allow you to have a more productive day:

#1 Researching and fact checking
Research is essential but it can take a lot of time. Not having the right information at your disposal can weaken your relationship with your clients. Making a mistake can wreak havoc on your business. Even worse, your business can get a bad rep and some of your clients may lose trust in you, which is basically one of the worst things that can happen.

Letting your virtual assistant do all the research and fact checking can be a life-saver. That can include anything from competition research, consumer behavior research, to things like fact checking, finding relevant statistics and verifying important data on your behalf. 

#2 Managing your calendar
Planning business meetings and managing your time efficiently is a job in its own right. How many times have you forgot about important appointments? Probably more than you can think of. Sometimes all it takes is to miss one business meeting and you’re already losing money. 

Every meeting is important, because it can be the one that will kickstart your company. Never leave anything to chance because you never know how things can pan out. The key to success is being open-minded and ready to seize the opportunity when it presents itself. Your virtual assistant can make reservations, book flights and schedule the appointments for you, and even follow up with respective clients to make sure everything is okay. 

#3 Voice mail and email management
If you’re getting a lot of voicemail messages and you simply don’t have the time to go through all of them, again, you risk losing a client or a golden opportunity. The same goes for email. Email is still one of the best lead generating tools and building your email list is a must for every successful business. But then again, if you spend a lot of time every day listening to your voicemail and answering every email you also risk being behind with other work. That’s where a VA steps in. Your virtual assistant will figure out what's important and what’s not and will present you with the most important bits so that you can make an informed decision without being overwhelmed by the amount of information. 

You can’t make decisions when you’re busy every day doing things like these. Don’t let your business stagnate just because you think that you can do it all by yourself. Delegating this to a virtual assistant will make you a better leader and a better decision maker. 

Once you pick a well-trained virtual assistant you will discuss with them all the things that you need help with and how you want things to be handled. Good communication is they key to understanding what you expect of your VA. A reliable and experienced VA will be quick to adapt to your way of working and before you know it they will be your right hand person for all things business.