Grow your business through outsourcing, before the New Year

Find out the benefits of outsourcing different parts of your business to help you grow

There are many things in life which we outsource rather than do ourselves.  Mostly, these are jobs where someone has certain expertise that we don’t, like electrical work, building work, accounting tasks, legal matters and a whole lot more.  So, why then do we think that within our small businesses, we have to do everything ourselves.  I’ve got good news for you…


There are many tasks within your business that can easily be outsourced, and some of them may surprise you.  For example, did you know that there are experts out there in administrative tasks, website updates, business card database population, travel and accommodation bookings, speaking gig bookings and sourcing, event management, business writing and communications, debt collection and management, committee management and minute writing and transcription?  And this is only the beginning.  A lot of these experts are grouped as Virtual Assistants, they work from their own offices, have strong English language skills, and they have an exhaustive network of expertise, experience and awesome skills to help you in your business.

How you can get started

The first thing you need to do, is identify which areas of your business you can outsource.  There are a number of elements to think about to identify these, including:

  • Tasks which you never get time to do, or do properly
  • Tasks which need expertise that you don’t have (and it would be cheaper to pay someone than spend days on it yourself working it out)
  • Tasks which you simply don’t like doing (we all have those!)
  • Tasks which keep you from maximising your expertise and from bringing in new business
  • Ongoing tasks which you just want to be done and not have to worry about them

Once you have identified these tasks, you can then go the next step and find out what it will cost you to engage someone to undertake them.  Remember that every hour you can pay someone else, you can spend that hour focusing on your customers, or other work which needs your specialty, thereby growing your business.

Who you gonna call?

There are a few different networks of Virtual Assistants (VAs) which are Australian-based and that can help you find someone that will suit your needs.  The good ones have forms and job lead information, where you can submit a request and get responses from a number of contractors. You can then analyse their responses and proposals and get back to a suitable one for more information.  This process is far from laborious and much easier than employing a staff member.  In fact, you could have it all done and dusted in just a couple of days.  If you would like a network recommendation, please get in contact with me and I can assist.

Some questions to consider when analysing proposals include:

  • Does the VA have experience in similar industries?
  • Are they keen to get to know your business?
  • Do they have access to any specific software requirements you need for your business?
  • Are they responsive to emails in a reasonable timeframe?
  • Can you see yourself working with them ongoing? 
  • Do they have some examples of work you can view (important in any writing field)?

Time to grow your business

Once you have the right person on board, you can focus more on what you are good at, and leave the other tasks to your VA.  We will talk more about outsourcing and it’s benefits in our next newsletter, so watch your inbox.  Sign up here to receive the newsletter.