5 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

It’s not enough to write killer content, click the publish button and wait for people to come running. Setting up your blog and publishing is the easy part, so they say. The difficult part is promoting it and driving traffic to your blog. But reaching out to your target audience is crucial if you want your blog to succeed. 

If you’re not satisfied with your current traffic, I encourage you to try these 5 ways to increase your blog traffic:

1. Leverage Social Media
Social media should be your number one ally in getting more traffic. There are millions of active users on social media so it makes sense to use that to your advantage. Chances are you have at least one social media profile or a business page. Each time you publish something, you should also promote it on social media. You can also feature social media sharing buttons on your blog so that other users can share it too. 

2. Share More Than Once
Why limit yourself to posting just once? Maybe some of your followers are in a different timezone, or maybe some of them were working while you decided to share your blog. Either way, reposting your blog is a good idea because you will gain more visibility. 

3. Generate ideas from useful comments
Your audience is the best indicator of what your next topic should be. If your goal is to create content that is appealing to your target audience, what better way to impress them than by ‘stealing’ some of their content ideas? This way you will write about something that your audience truly enjoys reading about. 

4. Guest blogging
Guest blogging is a great way to attract fresh eyes to your blog. When you’re just starting out it may be difficult to reach out to experts in your industry. But you can always leverage your connections, friends and family, to find people who respect your work and who would be willing to be a guest blogger, and then return the favour.  

5. Hire a VA
Sometimes you’re not capable of doing it all by yourself. Eventhough you want to make it happen and you know what needs to be done, you just don’t have the time to do all that and write. That’s where a Virtual Assistant steps in and saves the day. Your personal VA will take a huge load off and manage all these tasks on your behalf.