37 clever ways to re-share your best blog posts

Once you’ve written a blog, it’s almost as satisfying as slippers at a wedding after-party.

You excitedly share your blog and hopefully, get a few comments and shares. A quick tip, you should make sure your blog content is ‘evergreen’. In other words, write about something that won’t age or date.

This is the start of creating blog content that you can rehash in many, many ways.

What’s the point of re-purposing blogs?

You don’t want to go to the effort of writing a blog, share it and then leave it to float aimlessly in cyberspace. You’ve put in the hours to create your masterpiece – hours that you probably preferred to do be doing anything else but writing.

This is where re-purposing is going to be your new best mate.

Reach a new audience: Some of us prefer visual infographics over writing or podcasts over eBooks. Reformat your blog content for different mediums to appeal to a wider audience.

Dust off forgotten tales: We all have an old favourite book that gathers dust on a bookshelf, but we can’t seem to part with it. You catch a glimpse of it and think, ‘I wish I could read that book about flying whales again as I loved it’. But you continue with life and forget about it. It’s the same with your old blogs. Dust them off and let others enjoy them.

Make the most of your efforts: Be proud of your content. There are all sorts of factors that will affect how well your content performs, and sometimes, luck has taken a vacation. When you repurpose your content, you’re making sure people who missed your epic content the first time around have a chance to see them. It’s like getting a second chance.

If you’re not re-purposing your content, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your business.

Here’s how to get the most out one blog – in 37 different ways

  1. Create 20+ snippets for easy sharing: Image Tweets, Facebook Pictures, Instagram Posts, Pinterest Boards and Tumblr Posts, Infographics

  2. Build a series of guest posts

  3. Turn it into a webinar

  4. Create an infographic or chart

  5. Design an eBook or hands-on guide

  6. Turn your already published content into podcasts

  7. Spin off the old blog post into a new one

  8. Refresh and republish or create a roundup post

  9. Make a video

  10. Design an Instagram tip

  11. Share content as a pdf

  12. Build a daily email series or email course

  13. Share to social media—again and again

  14. Submit to content communities

  15. Post to Quora

  16. Post to LinkedIn

  17. Post to Medium

  18. Create an instructographic: Instructographics can be easily made by combining visuals from your infographic with your how-to guide

  19. Put together a presentation for Slideshare to reach a new audience

  20. Resource Pack: A white paper, an eBook, several infographics, various images, videos, podcasts, contact sources and influencers directly

  21. Go live! Create a series of Insta stories or a Facebook live

  22. Create a series of slide decks for presentations (workshops, seminars, etc.)

  23. Tweet the Takeaways: Pull key stats, quotes, or powerful phrases from your blog and turn them into Twitter posts

  24. Newsletter Material: Incorporate your blog posts into your email newsletter. Your list doesn’t necessarily see every post you publish. So, you can repurpose your blog post images in your newsletter, which can create continuity among your different content avenues. It’s also an effective place to link back to appropriate blog posts

  25. Make use of your internal data and put it together into case studies

  26. Gather all your interviews into an expert advice eBook

  27. Update your old posts with new information

  28. Create new blog posts and articles from Spinoffs

  29. Write guest posts on topics you already have expertise on

  30. Promote your existing blog posts from multiple points of view

  31. Conduct podcasts with industry leaders following themes you are already familiar with

  32. Compile your clients’ questions from support into an FAQ page

  33. Pull out the best questions you get on support and turn them into individual blog posts

  34. Convert the testimonials from your users into quality content

  35. Make use of your clients’ photos or videos using your product

    Mix your blog posts into valuable online courses

  36. Break up long articles into a series of shorter blog posts

Are you ready to write and re-purpose?

If you find it hard to write a blog, start by recording what you want to say using a text to speech app on your phone. When you’re driving (hands-free only), out for a walk, or sitting in front of the telly at night, start blurting out your blog.

Then refine it and polish it up into your blog post.

And now, you’ve seen al the ways you can repurpose your content, so you can make sure your efforts aren’t being wasted.

If you’ve got any more ideas or ways to re-purpose your content, please pop them in the comments below.