5 tips for giving excellent customer service

Trying to find new service providers is always a challenging process. There are so many service offerings but how do you know what is the best service for you? I always like to ask for recommendations from friends / family, but sometimes you just have to work it out for yourself. Like recently when I was looking for a new beauty therapist. I wanted to find somewhere close to home that could do great pedicures and manicures. I was sick of the slap dash impersonal services offered at all the cheap nail bars and wanted to support a small business owner in my local area.

I did a google search and found what I thought was the beautician I had seen on the High Street. I was able to see the services offered on their website, the price and book online. These things ticked multiple boxes for me as I prefer to book online so I can see what’s available while also checking my diary. So I booked in online and received an email confirmation shortly after.

I went to my appointment and was blown away at the personalised service offering I received. I was so impressed I booked in for another treatment the following week. When I got home I received an email thanking me for my booking and offering me a $25 gift voucher to be used at my next appointment!

This experience got me thinking about customer service in general, and how when we receive good customer service what a difference it makes. We’ve all heard about the five P’s of customer service excellence – Process; Product; Presentation; Price and most importantly People! 

Here are my five tips for giving excellent customer service:

  1. Create a unique customer experience: this is all about giving customers the type of service that not everyone is doing, do something a little bit differently, stand out form the crowd and your customers will remember you and recommend you to their friends and family.
  2. Use the customer as a marketing vehicle: as a result of the great customer service I experienced, I will be sure to refer friends and family.
  3. Differentiate your brand from competition: what is something you can do differently to your competitors to make sure you stand out. A follow up email after the customer has purchased from you is just one way.
  4. Understand that Customer Satisfaction is based on loyalty, identity, values, and relationships.
  5. Solve problems quickly and turn complainers into advocates: The way a business handles customer complaints speaks volumes. If a customer has a complaint, address the issue rather than ignoring it. Consumers are two times more likely to share their bad customer service experiences than they are to talk about positive experiences. 

What do you think makes great customer service? Share your thoughts below or examples.