5 tasks a Virtual Assistant (VA) can help your business

Small  business owners often have to wear more than one hat to get the job done. At times it is rewarding, but it is often exhausting and even impossible to achieve. As your business grows, you can’t seem to manage everything by yourself. You need to turn to someone who is outside your company but who knows how to give you the help you need so you can focus on doing what you do best. That’s where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in.

A Virtual Assistant is not your employee – they work from their own office with their own equipment. A VA can boost your business in not time and you don’t even have to pay for their sick leave, or worry about payroll.

Let’s see how an extra pair of hands can help you with your to-do list:

1. Social media management

Promoting your brand on social media and engaging your audience is extremely important for the overall well-being of your business. But it’s time-consuming. A VA will take the pressure off your back and manage your social media pages across multiple channels, schedule daily posts, invite people to like your page, start conversations and much more.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is still the number one lead generator for business of all sizes. But again, takes a lot of time to draft those emails and send them to everyone on your email list. All you need to do is give your VA your list with all the relevant info and you’re free to concentrate on other things.

3. Organise your event

Your virtual assistant can organise and promote an upcoming event for you. They can set up an online booking, and a payment system using various apps. They can address any questions about the event via email, or phone calls. Once the event is finished, they can even collect feedback.

4. Manage your blog schedule

Many business owners struggle with blogging. You need to come up with relevant content, get feedback from the readers, interpret the analytics, find readers, etc. Having a VA to manage all of this can save you enormous time.

5. Update your company website

Website updates are crucial and Google tends to reward websites that are updated on a regular basis. Your VA can update your site with fresh content, make any minor corrections and manage links.

Want to know more about how a Virtual Assistant could help you in your business? Ask me how.