20 Ideas for your Social Media Content

If you're struggling to find social media content ideas, this list will help. I've listed 20 ideas for your social media content that can be used on all platforms. This list of ideas will keep you inspired for a long time.

 1. Questions: Pose a simple question that your followers can answer quickly. Questions will help boost interaction on your page.

2. Quotes: Funny, inspiring or motivational quotes do well on all social media platforms.

3. Re-blog: Post a link to an old blog post. There’s nothing wrong with recycling old content, and old posts will gain new engagement, extending their life.

4. Link to a guest post: Share (or re-share) a link to a post you contributed to another website. 

5. Post a branded image: Post a funny or inspirational image with your logo or website URL on it. You can easily create branded images in Canva or PicMonkey.

6. Promote your products or services:  Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to promoting your brand, post engaging, informational and relevant content 80% of the time and brand centric, call-to-action content only 20% of the time. 

7. Testimonials: Post testimonials from clients / customers that have used your product or service. 

8. Share a helpful resource: Don’t be afraid to direct your followers to other people’s valuable content.

9. Recommend a tool: Share a free tool or resource you think your followers would find useful.

10. Tips: Share a tip or trick your followers would find useful. 

11. ‘Caption this’: Post a photo and ask your fans to come up with their own caption.

12. YouTube video: Find a funny or inspirational video on YouTube you think your followers would like.

13. Share industry news: Stay on stop of what’s going on in your industry by using Google Alerts. It's easy to set up and free!

14. Celebrate special (and not so special) days: Check out this calendar for key events that you can share on social media. 

15. Post a link to your newsletter signup page: Remind fans that you have a newsletter and encourage new sign ups by adding a link to your sign up page.

16. Post old newsletters: Recycle your newsletters and gain new subscribers at the same time.

17. Behind-the-scenes photos: Post photos of your products being manufactured or your service in action. You can simply take a photo of your workspace.

18. Fill-in-the-blank posts: Create some fill-in-the blank style posts, for example "My favourite summer activity is __________."

19. Answer an FAQ: Have a question you get asked a lot? Answer it on social media.

20. Create a Poll: While Facebook offers built-in polls, running them manually works best for boosting engagement.

So there are my tried and tested social media content post ideas. Give them a go and let me know how they went. What do you find works well on your social media platforms?